Hello world!

I like how the blogs on WordPress begin – with this post title… so appropo.

Introducing …

The Glassblowing Travelers

… who are preparing for their journey to several adventures unknown ahead!

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This is our itinerary to start in mid-August with Amy and Jeannie, September for Chris:

  1. China – Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, maybe the northern regions, near Tibet / Mongolia
  2. Japan – September, meet with Chris, southern Honshu, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, maybe Osaka, Mt. Fuji
  3. Meandering to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Indonesia, and finally, …
  4. Australia for the “winter months” – which is the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months!
  5. New Zealand, too, of course, from October to January, 2011
  6. Since it takes 28 hours from Australia to Italy, we’re breaking up the trek by stopping in…
  7. India and visiting glass factories, Taj Mahal, Holi festival to get colorful,
  8. Sri Lanka, especially the northern part and the eastern beaches, which are proported to be beautifully white
  9. Onward to Cairo for the pyramids, sphinxes, camel rides, and all things Egyptian, good timing for February 2011!
  10. Istanbul for the Aga Sophia, the beginnings of glass shaping, and the delightful marketplaces
  11. Finally, we arrive in Italy for the Spring 2011, Venice and Murano specifically – Mecca for glassblowers!
  12. Europe —  After a couple of months blowing glass, and / or assisting there, we will meet up with some Swedish glassblowers we met at Public Glass on Halloween 2009 – Frederick and Bjorn!  They have invited us to travel with them as they show us THE places to blow glass around Europe during May – June 2011!
  13. Come late June, we will wind down, and head back to the States via the Bahamas, a request by Chris “for a vacation!”
  14. Then, it’s the US —  we may make pit stops around the glass “hot spots” in the States – New York, of course; Haystack, PA; Oregon; Pilchuck, WA; as well as visit some friends on the East Coast, the South, Chicago, and Colorado Springs along the way back home..
  15. And in due course, Chris will find himself blowing pumpkins again at PALY – as he did when we started this whole traveling glassblowing!  PALY Glass Pumpkin blowing as “bookends” of Chris’ trip!

A world map for reference

For Amy and me, who knows – maybe we’ll like the home schooling and continue on ANOTHER round the world trip to places we couldn’t see this round…  like, Morocco, South Africa (avoiding crowds), Chile, Argentina, Peru, other parts of China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Israel, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Greece (again, so many island, so little time!), Mongolia, Tibet, … ah, too many to list… we’ll be “Vagabonds” forever!  Maybe we’ll just join a gypsy tribe and wander with them…

Well, that’s the RTW plan!  And … that’s the News, … so, now you know!

Jeannie, Chris & Amy

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6 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Cyndi says:

    I m jealous. Have a great time and b safe.

  2. jeannie says:

    Thanks! You can always meet us somewhere on our route! We’d LOVE to see a familiar face – surprise us!

  3. Youngsin says:

    World seems to be small on the map. I am sure it becomes really big when you step on the first destination. I can not wait to read all the stories from every stops over a year. What a lady! What a family! I thought this all along but realized again how lucky I am to know you and getting an opportunity to take this journey through my mind. Hope to hear from Chris too as well as Amy time to time.

  4. Jessica says:

    Good luck and may you be safe in your journey! (By the way, Bob and I had a GREAT time with you!)

    • Thanks, Jessica and Bob! I had a blast with you guys, and Andy, too! OK, we’ll JUST have to admit that we’re old farts AND great characters! Now to write a book about us…

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