Count down for packing … gulp!

For a mid-August departure, it leaves us just about one month more till we GO!

In the meantime, our packout date is set for the end of July, a couple of days earlier to allow our landlady to show the house on a weekend!  That leaves us only with just about two weeks to get things sorted, sold, and donated!   In the midst of the packing, the chocolate business is moving forward, and we just got a new LARGER machine!  It’s a monster!   Wish I had a bit more time … isn’t it funny how tiny things like this can keep us from going toward the bigger picture.  Sigh::

On top of all that, we are still hosting couch surfers – one just recently arrived from Atlanta, GA, and another one is due later this week from the Netherlands.  My good old-time 5th grade buddy, Jessica and her hubby are also in town this coming weekend, … so, it sounds like so many velcro moments in delaying the packing.  Ah, but procrastination has been an old friend…  and there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of panic!

That said, however, the feeling of giving something away without any strings attached, and purely for the fact the receiver finds it useful or delightful, WOW.  I feel like I’m shedding a big overcoat, especially as I realize I don’t really need it.  Giving away my plants did make me pause, however, as I really love having the living green-ness around.  I know those who take the plants will take care of them – like they’re my own kids!

Having a Preview Sale for those interested – First Dibbs before the movers come, and we list it on Craigslist and elsewhere.  Maybe I’ll post a page of pix here, too!  Call out your First DIBBS!

Also have to do things like order glasses (lost at camping last weekend), look into shots, visas, and other tasks that might take time and can’t be done at the last minute.

Camping gave us a chance to revisit living out of a backpack with limited resources for a few days.  We’re good.

I KNOW I’m forgetting to do something, but am not entirely sure what it is … yet.  Any ideas?

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8 Responses to Count down for packing … gulp!

  1. Barb Haskell says:

    Wow! If you can get those visas done in time, kudos to you. In Canada, if you have a visa that has expired past a certain time, you have to reapply and that takes weeks.

    Hope you have a fantastic experience … sure you will.

    • I haven’t even begun getting visas! Yikes! I’m just getting my head above water in getting packed in time for the movers to arrive in about a week and a day.

      Will see what has to be done next week then… China may be tough… though I have gotten a visa in 2 hours though it normally takes 2 weeks.

      Thanks for the warning!

  2. Youngsin says:

    Skype was very useful while I was tarveling overseas.

    It is a little more than $10 for a year to get a phone number (skypeln) and not much at all to add a feature to call out. So whereever you will be with wifi, you can call in US and people can call you from US free. Adding other countries is not too expensive either.

    • How does that work? Is it like Google VM / # / texting & email? I have a Google # (650-489-5133), and the VR for the text message / email message is pretty garbled when someone leaves me a VM (lost in translation). Do I use my laptop to make calls? Can this be routed to a local cell phone?

      • Youngsin says:

        Skypeln is an actual phone number that you can call out, receives call from other regular phones (land line and cell line,) and receive v mail. When someone leaves v message, a notice will come to your email.

        If you get US number, any call from and to US and Canada is unlimited regardless where you are in the world. The fee is very reasonable.

        Yes you can use with any local phone that has data service because you need to log in skype account, internet. I added international data plan in my iPhone but skype call could be used only thru wifi not 3G service. Although you can still do the chat by typing thru 3G.

        So if you need to talk to someone without addtional cost, it is best with your computer where you can access internet. Sound quality was excellent and has no problem to conduct normal business while I was in Korea over a month.

    • Cool – will look into this as others have also suggested it. Have you heard of Google’s Vid phone service?

      • Youngsin says:

        I do not know that service very well. Skype became very useful tool in my daily business, so adding the actual number was nothing much to do and the result has been very satisfactory.

  3. OK, so I’ve begun using Skype, and here’s the lowdown:
    1. Skype download was painless and easy
    2. Figuring out how to begin USING Skype, however, was not as intuitive – use it after installing, and opening up the client software on our computer
    3. Next was dialing! Which country was I in – USA, of course, but they way it was worded, it seemed to ask what country the phone # is in… maybe it was… At any rate, I couldn’t place the call because …
    4. Any Skype account now needs some credits to begin making calls. The first call is free, but after that, you have to buy at least $10 worth of credit. Calls cost $.021 / minute from the US to anywhere else. However, I made a 7:06 minute call, and it cost me more than $.072. So, I’m not entirely sure where the costs and charges are coming from.
    5. Skype to Skype is free
    6. Skype supports video conferencing if you have a webcam and microphone. Really cool to use!
    7. Skype has other subscription type offers – and pay as you go, too.
    8. My Skype name is jeannie.llewellyn

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