Answers to some questions

I’ve received questions about the impending travel (vs. trip) that I think will help color in some more of the picture of our World Map!

LODGING:  Where will we stay?  Have we made reservations yet?  How can we afford the hotels?

1) We belong to an international group of “” – where people offer their homes to host a visitor or two or group in exchange for a chance to meet fascinating people they would otherwise not have met.  Visitors can ask hosts in the places they’ll be visiting if they can meet, have coffee, lunch or dinner with them, or stay with them for a short period of time.  Most visits are a week or less, and no money is exchanged, just a connections with real live people.  Most host / visitors are international, but some are from across the country or even somewhat local.

2) Hostels – for a small fee (usually $10-20 / night/person), one would get a bed in a shared room / dorm, common areas, maybe a kitchen to share, shared bathrooms.  When we have no couchsurfing host, then we will utilize this alternative lodging.  My experience with hostels is that they are pretty basic, but clean, safe, and available.  With three of us traveling, we may be pressed to find a couchsurfing host able to accommodate all of us.

3) Sleeping under a Bridge – just kidding!  This was a comment from my mom, concerned about how we’d go about “vagabonding!”

4) Hotels – vs Hostel – just a few letters off.  This option will be rarely exercised as they tend to be pretty expensive.  Of course, if there are no hosts, no hostels… duh.

LUGGAGE – CARRY-ONS:  What will you take?  How many bags will you have?  Will you use the roller bags or backpacks?

A:  After reading some books on world travelers, most have suggested packing (2) of everything, and plan on washing the worn clothes in the sink with soap or shampoo every night.  The clothes made of man-made fibers like microfibers, polyester, lycra, etc, are best as they wick and dry quickly versus cotton and natural fibers.  Overnight drying is paramount!  ‘C)    So, that said, we did a week’s worth of living out of our bags only with what was packed in it.  It was not that hard to do, so we passed!  On the other hand, we have not tested carrying the loads yet.  Depending on the carrying load test, we may increase the item count to (3) each vs (2) each, especially since we plan to stay in warm climes and not deal with Winter gear.

We plan on having only (2) two items to carry for each of us – a clothes / toiletries backpack (waterproof), and a case for the electronics (laptop, netbook, DVD player, etc).

To facilitate a light electronics load, we hope that internet access in most of the areas we visit will allow us to connect for home schooling purposes, downloads, uploads of data / pictures, backup files, emailing, online books that can be downloaded.   Also, somehow getting an online / universal phone # – will have to look into this…

More Answers – later!

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3 Responses to Answers to some questions

  1. Chandra says:

    Skype is an excellent site to talk over the computer, and they have the option of purchasing a Skype phone number that you can use when logged on to your Skype account to make telephone calls when needed. Their rates are very reasonable, and its easy to refresh the “minutes” on line. The phone number also has the option of voice mail. Sounds like you are doing a great job of pulling it all together!

  2. That’s great information! I will have to look into this after the packout. We just Skyped our former neighbors who returned to Japan last year, and it worked amazingly well. Oh, actually, Amy tells me that it was through Google… it seemed similar to Skype!

  3. From a friend via FaceBook:
    re: your comment on the blog

    I am in India right now – before flying out, I checked with Verizon regarding their service. They had a approximately $75 per month plan for international data service and phone. I think there were cheaper plans too – but the data download was limited to 10GB.

    Verizon phone can turn into a modem as well. I am sure other providers also offer this facility .. I know about verizon since I have used it.

    I used the phone in Singapore, Seoul (our plane stops) without an issue. I was able to text and make calls.

    After coming to India, I got a local pre-paid phone. Any international roaming turns out to be expensive without an appropriate calling plan. I didn’t get the unlimited data plan finally, since I figured I could get a local plan after reaching India. However, I turned on the facility – just in case (who knows, we could have been stranded in Singapore due to bad weather!). If I use this, I’d pay per call and per MB (data download).

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