Tips for Packing for Moving into Long Term Storage

Home Depot has the least expensive boxes!
Small book boxes are $.67 each,
Medium dishes / linens boxes are $.97 each,
and the Mini-wardrobe boxes are $9.95 each!
Bubble wrap is ~$15 for 100′ x 12″ – large or small bubbles – and they’re GREEN (in color)!
BUT, HD does NOT have packing paper (newsprint) – Public Storage has it for $10.95 for 10 lbs.

Costco has a kit that holds 5 large boxes, 8 medium boxes, and 12 small boxes, 7 rolls of bubble wrap (small), 3 rolls of tape, and a marker, but no packing paper. Wonder how dishes were going to be packed with just the little rolls of bubble wrap – very cute, but not effective! The whole box cost $49.

Costco vs Home Depot? It comes out to just $5 more with Costco kit. Oh, but maybe the marker costs that much! ‘C)

Packing our own boxes makes the moving price less, but it sure is a lot more work for us! Since we are really cutting back on what’s being packed, it makes sense for us to do the sorting, and packing.

Based on the estimates I sent to Hercules Moving Company of what would be stored long term, the movers came out to less than $2,000! I suspect it will be closer to $3,000 by the time we’re finished.

Our long term storage cost, at their San Leandro facility with climate controls and security, for the amount the movers will take is estimated at about $530 / month. That’s about $6,360 / year. MUCH less than our current rent at $3300 / month ($39,600 / year)! Storing a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and full garage isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I guess I ought to go to sleep now that I’ve answered how much the pack out and storage is going to cost!

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2 Responses to Tips for Packing for Moving into Long Term Storage

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the tips on where to get affordable boxes!

    • I think it’s the moving season special… otherwise, it’s hard to find boxes in quantity at Home Depot. Of course, Public Storage and other storage places have the moving stuff. 50 boxes down, about 200 more to go! BTW – the movers called and asked if they could come a couple of days earlier! I almost fainted. It’s already stressful enough just meeting the landlady’s deadline of moving out two days earlier than the end of the month! So, they kindly offered to come Sunday morning AND Tuesday. Whew! That’ll leave enough room for us to move around and get more packed, sold, or donated!

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