RTW flights & phone calls – trials and errors

OK, so I got this Jeroen name from Andy of the HoboTraveler.com, a guy who’s been traveling for over 10 years, and is JUST starting to consider slowing down a bit, and staying a wee bit longer at each place!

To make this call to Jeroen in Thailand, I had to install Skype, though I already had an account.  Then I had to learn how to “talk” on Skype – which burned one day (many interruptions!).  Once I got that part, I also had to load up my account for a minimum of $10 to make a call!  With my Rosetta Stone headset (has both earphones AND a mike!), I was able to call Jeroen AND he could hear me!  The first attempt (44 secs) was a bust, but the next call came out to 7:06 mins.  It cost me $.72.  Wow, that’s kind of expensive.

Skype has rates for calls if more minutes are needed – unlimited anywhere in world that Skype is offered (40 countries – would have expected more!) a subscription costs $13.99 / month.  All countries we will be going to are covered, except Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, India, and Turkey.  Maybe also the Bahamas, too. And this is for calling to landlines and many mobile phones.

An alternative is to Pay As You Go – about $.021 / minute.  Still way cheaper than the $.10 for my phone call tonight to Jeroen!

More soon…

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