Ha ha ha …! Visa surfing!

While surfing online, I found some pretty funny info, though most of it is basic – passport has at least one year left, (2) 2″x2″ photos, last three pages of passport available for stamping …
OK, you “hippy” types! Beware! Wow, will have to leave my tie-dyed shirts at home…

The site above is a real site for Singapore!  Click on the picture and see for yourself.

Now to work on the immunization shots – man, typing all this out without a word processor, or spreadsheet program has been a bit of a pain.  All my programs are packed away!  Have to purchase new sets now.  Ugh!

Anyone know of how to get some cheap versions online of Excel and Word equivalents?

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2 Responses to Ha ha ha …! Visa surfing!

  1. Feldy says:

    Jeanie. You can try Google Docs

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