While shopping for hostels in Peking / Beijing …

We have less than one week left in Japan – only less than five more days in Osaka!  How sad.  I rather like Osaka better than I thought I would.  Maybe it’s the ferris wheel?  LOL…  Or maybe it’s because the weather is Fall, my favorite time of the year – anywhere.

While planning in advance to Beijing next Wednesday, I came upon some colorful descriptions. Some of these descriptions of the hostels are written by reviewers, and some by the owners of the hostels!  Click on the highlighted hostel, and you’ll get to go to that site in an open window, and read what I’m talking about…

This one from the Dreams Travel Hostel is good … sounds a bit like the Avis car rental commercials…  however, I like the line about the Happy hour and the suggestion after that!  So, “Why wait?”

Or how about this one for Qian Men Hostel – an eco-friendly “green” hostel!

Or better yet, this hostel offers, “Probably China’s largest DVD music & movie database, with a wide selection of classic & latest movies (with english subtitles and without skipping 😉  !”

Well, on the outside The 9 Dragons youth hostel looked promising – and it offered several FREE items, besides the usual:

“FREE guitar and tamborine to use
* FREE range of board ang card games
* FREE Dumpling party
* FREE dance party in the bar
* FREE magic show for your kids
* FREE Business Center
* FREE third floor balcony overlooking the surrounding hutongs”

The Saga Youth Hostel sounds pretty good and we’ll most likely reserve rooms there.

Here are some other hostels – some amusing, but seriously, we’re trying to find one closeby to the Waixiu Sports Training Center in Beijing!  Their website hasn’t been updated since 2004, so the phone # isn’t reliable or in operation as listed.

Peking University hostel

Ann Guest House

Beijing Emperor Guest House

Red Lantern Guest House

Heyuan Youth Hostel

China Discovery Youth Hostel

List of hostels in Beijing China

Searching for a youth hostel in Beijing – good site

Lonely Planet has been a marvelous resource of travel information – almost too much so!


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