Let us be the FIRST to wish you …

“Happy 2011!!!”


Happy New Year in the Maori fashion! (Sans painted lips and tattoos)


Happy New Beginnings from Auckland!

Koru - Kiwi symbol for "New Beginnings" (Hokitika Glass Gallery)

May enough good things go your way …

from here onward!

Jeannie, Chris, Amy and Mark Llewellyn

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2 Responses to Let us be the FIRST to wish you …

  1. gale says:

    Nice photo shoot for your New Years greeting, sounds like your all doing well. New Zealand, Wow, hard to imagine how they heck you got there all of a sudden.:) best of the New Year, gale

    • Oh, yeah, Gale, we really had to work ourselves UP to strike that ferocious Haka pose! Ha ha! Well, it’s been a slow process to get everywhere but I’m sure it seems faster to this reading since I post so irregularly. Just wait till I get caught up – it’ll feel like we ZOOMED through all those places.

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