Amy’s In Love!

OK, we went to Parkes, NSW Australia, and Amy wanted a horse to add to her pets, along with the already-planned Shiba Inu farm, a cat, and a two-story house that would have a giant spiral staircase.  From our Uluru tour, I was glad that she didn’t add a camel to the mix.  In Perth, the koala and kangaroo got added into the menagerie.  In Sri Lanka’s Kandy city, we visited the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, and we fell in love with the elephants, but Amy did NOT request one for a pet.  Whew!

All over Sri Lanka, there are stray dogs everywhere, pretty much.  Most are in bad shape – skin and bones, mange with major areas of fur missing, luckily none with rabies that we’ve seen – yet!  So, while touring the ancient temple grounds at the Giant Stupa of Polonnawaru, the former second capital of Sri Lanka, we see our first puppy!  It was love at first sight – and Amy was smitten.  The puppy’s mother was nowhere to be found or seen, though we searched and hung around for 30+ minutes.  When we asked the many vendors loitering around the grounds, no one could say they ever saw the mother of the puppy.  Odd.  Anyway, we took it with us, much to the chagrin and consternation of our driver, Mr. Tissa.  Up until that point, he was a pretty good, easy-going driver.  Little did we know that it was the end of our roving around the Central part of Sri Lanka!

More about that later, but here’s a picture of our latest “souvenir” from Sri Lanka! 

Sri Lanka 1896

OK, so we aren’t going to bring her home to the States, BUT, she’s still a cutie.  We’re due for a vet visit in the morning, and will get her ready for her new owners so that she’s not turned into a stray, and left uncared for in the streets. 

Ideas for names for this lively puppy?  It’s a girl!  We think she’s around 2 weeks to 1 month old.  We were also told that people who have had litters of puppies tend to dispose of the girl pups as they can bear pups, which make it a hassle to upkeep.  So much for the neutering and spaying program around here!  Wow, what a concept …

[NOTE:  I’m typing this up while Amy’s sleeping, and she just giggled several times in her sleep … probably dreaming about her day babying and playing with the puppy!] 

Puppy on lawn at Giant Stupa (1)   Sri Lanka 1723   Sri Lanka 1899  Sri Lanka 1884   Amy cradling puppy Sri Lanka 1814 Sri Lanka 1966Sri Lanka 1782 Sri Lanka 1781 Sri Lanka 1770Sri Lanka 1752 Amy and puppy at Giant Stupa Sri Lanka 1758  Amy, puppy & Giant wooden elephant Sri Lanka 1901 Sri Lanka 1751 Sri Lanka 1964 Sri Lanka 1817 Sri Lanka 1903 Sri Lanka 1756Sri Lanka 2027

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10 Responses to Amy’s In Love!

  1. Connie Turner says:

    What a sweet baby puppy!! You have to bring her home! Please don’t leave that baby unless you can find her a good home. So glad you were not in New Zealand when the earth quake hit. Enjoying the posts! Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us.

    • LOL – Amy is sooooo funny! I read the comments and she’s like, instantly, “OK!” Meaning let’s keep the dog! She’s SOOOOOooooo wanting to take it with us, but I just can’t imagine how we’d DO that! Quarantines between countries sometimes are months long, then the pup’s only one month old, and hasn’t had all her shots yet. The vet says it’ll take at least three months before the pup can travel – esp back to the States! Then after traveling, it’d have 3-4 months of quarantine time at some kennel.

      We’re going to visit some temples and an elderly care home tomorrow to see which might be better to adopt the puppy. Either one is good – and we can pay for the medical shots and possibly neutering to ensure she’ll be kept and not let out on the streets and generate even MORE puppies who aren’t wanted!

      The vet bill from our visit today including puppy food, two shots (ringworm and rabies), vitamins, calcium, a small collar, flea powder, and the office visit came out to less than Rp. 2300 (less than $23)!

      From my experience, a vet visit cost $50 just to step in the door! Our box turtle had an abcess and his doctor’s bill came out to over $200!

  2. CHRIS says:


    btw, lets skype soon. miss you guys plus I have lots to tell

    • LOL – ha ha, Chris. Yeah, she’s really a cutie pie – and she’s had SOOOOOOoooo many names – all pretty much made up by Amy: Vishnu (but the guide didn’t think that was a good idea, as Vishnu is pretty powerful!), Lucky, Clover, and then Rosie by Madu at the Tropic Inn, and finally, Hodi meaning “Curry” in Singhalese. It made sense since she’s about that color! Let’s Vid Skype!

  3. faye says:

    It’s soooooooo cute! I’ll take it! Fango would love a playmate.

    Did you guys split up and are in different places now? Where’s Chris? I hope when you are all back here you have a slide show presentation we can all go see. The blog is absolutely fascinating.

    • Deal, Faye! Amy’s working out the logistics and doing the research in hopes of extending our stay to allow “importing” the pup! It’s a real doll, and so sweet!

    • Oh, yes, Chris took off about two weeks ago and is now in Venice, working with some of the Masters of Glassblowing there! Amazing the folks he’s working with – NOT just admiring from afar! He’s on a high right now – and it’s fun to read.

      The folks here in Sri Lanka also remember him – when I showed them a picture of him at Melbourne when we blew glass there, they instantly recognized him and got excited! I guess he has that effect on folks – ha ha! He’ll be back after days in NY at the Corning Museum and NYC – arriving in SFO sometime early April!

  4. Michelle G says:

    Adorable! You should name her Olivia.

    • Michelle G says:

      Never mind, I read the next post. But be sure to stop by and visit with her! Cute!

      • We’re looking into how much it might cost, but the biggest issue is how young she is – about a month old. The vet says that she’ll be done with her shots by 12 weeks. We also learned that it’s about $500 to ship a dog via the military. Don’t know if that’s possible from Sri Lanka, but it’d be worth a try!

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