Characters at Our House Backpackers, Adelaide, SA Australia


Where else would one find such a great hostel in Adelaide?  At OUR HOUSE!  We loved it so much that we wish we could take it with us!  Not only were the facilities great, the people staffing, and staying at the hostel were fun!  To think, this backpackers was just recently started – in December, 2010!  It’s doing well, and we hope to visit it again since we can’t take it with us! 

Our 18-bed female only room (Barossa Valley Vineyard) was quiet (except when the windows are open on a Friday or Saturday night, or when the TV in the basement was on with the bass up loud!), roomy, high ceilings, and bright.  The males have an equivalent 18-bed room, too.  There were smaller dorms – as few as 4-beds, but we didn’t get to see them as they’re upstairs on the first floor (English labeling of floors makes the First floor the one above the Ground floor, whereas in America, the Ground floor is the First floor). 

One of the features that Our House did that stood out was having each guest responsible for his or her own set of dishes in a carry bag!  Ingenious!  The kitchen easily allowed several people to cook at the same time, though common items like mixing bowls, serving dishes were in short supply.  The gas ranges were THE BEST I’ve seen so far – even allowing for wok cooking with an additional burner topper.  The hoods above the burners actually worked, and provided multi-speed fans and a light.  It was like cooking in a professional kitchen. 

One of our typical concerns is the shower.  No worries here at Our House!  The showers are separate, and large enough to hang towels and dry clothes and change without bumping into walls or doors.  They were clean and very uncluttered.  I only wish there was a shelf for the shampoo, conditioner besides the soap holder, and maybe a bench or stool for changing. Still very serviceable.

In the album are pictures of Richard, a very capable evening manager, a businessman from Nigeria also studying IT at the Uni; Emma, instrumental in booking us our tours to Central Australia; Becks, the owner / partner who’s got this whole shebang running; Theresa, who keeps a track of everything going on from the front desk, making sure things get done; Mr. Meggs, a long-term guest who was formerly a solicitor, and is camping out at Our House while exploring new avenues – he and Amy were TV buddies; and a whole heap of people whose names I’m going to either misspell or mislabel, but got their mugs taken by me because they made a difference.  Many are NOT shown because I didn’t capture them on digital film – like Alex, the night staff who patiently looked up and printed out for me a potential itinerary to Alice Springs and Central Australia by van and satellite phone.  Or Phillip from France who conscientiously cleans the kitchen when it’s his shift – he does a very good job!  Ryan, who helped us for Victor Harbor to meet up with the Kangaroos and Koalas at Urimbirra Wildlife Park by being “unprofessional” and calling his “Life Line” – his mum for suggestions.  He, and his parents are awesome!  And the young lady from China or Viet Nam, who’s name I definitely mess up everytime – she, too, keeps the place tidy and organized.  It’s a great staff and Becks is lucky to have them onboard!

We’ll visit Our House again!

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