Getting around India — maybe

Well, it took several trips to the Indian Visa Center in Colombo Sri Lanka to get our visas, and Rp. 15,000+ (about $150) – FINALLY.  Plus, the visa folks there didn’t seem to care if we went to India or not, so the delay was good for Sri Lanka, and less spending for us in India.  Guess India doesn’t need the money, but Sri Lanka certainly welcomed us!

So, after our first Indian hurdle of the visa, I was checking out flights for getting around internally to visit Agra, New Dehli, Rajasthan, and Jaiphur.  It was a bit confusing to see the Basic Fare so low, and yet the Total Fare so high … Below is what I found for a leg on a roundtrip, noting the breakdown of the charges to make the total price.  The little table below helped explain the Total Fare.


Where else can one pay more than three times the Basic Cost for Taxes & Fees?!?!!?!?


So far, I’m not having ANY luck purchasing tickets online with any of the Indian Airlines – Kingfisher is pretty high priced; Air India has a web glitch with a mandatory field requiring two digits and yet, the drop down menu for USA only has one digit – thus making this a hopeless error;  Travel Cha Cha takes my card and then rejects it; calls to the airlines is poor via Skype at the hostel so after three 15-minute tries, I give up. 

Perhaps fortuitously, the owners live next to the hostel greet us tonight as we return from dinner, and we chat for about an hour though I thought we only had 10 minutes in order to get packing!  Anyway, he’s well connected and gives me a travel agent contact who I can call in the morning to setup for the New Delhi roundtrip from Mumbai.  We only have five days and I don’t want to waste two days traveling if we can lump it with our arrival in Mumbai!

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