India, the Internet at the Mumbai Airport, and Good CS

“FREE wifi” offered at the airport is just a joke.  It SOUNDS good, but only if you have an Indian mobile phone number.  Jaipur to DEL airport 814

Internet access has been dodgy at best, for “tech savvy” India.  OK, maybe Mumbai isn’t the Tech Center of India.  Between midday, evening and late night power failures that kick emergency power generators into gear, the internet routers have no chance of establishing a good solid connection, and servers must not even have APS (long-life batteries that keep a server up).  The network speeds are just a bit better than dial-up.  OK, I’m spoiled.  It IS hard to step DOWN to such a level when there’s so much publicity about how advanced India is!  The airport was truly a disappointment in how limited it was. 

No country, peoples, or community needs unhelpful folks.  We all know of those who are in the “service” industries (customer service comes to mind instantly!) who just could care less.  Those folks are in the wrong job, and are not only doing themselves a disservice by working someplace they could give a flip about, but they can’t even competently do their jobs without the sixth sense – empathy with the customers.  Gosh, that’s one of the FIRST traits they must exude for those positions that involve people!  If this trait’s missing, perhaps pathology, coroner’s office, or the morgue would be alternative choices of work?

At any rate, in SE Asia, the countries that have consistently had internet up and running, with or without a charge – China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand in spots, Sri Lanka in a few spots, and Egypt. 

At any rate, our latest stay in Mumbai at The Anjali Inn has been fantastic.  Ivan, one of the four owners of three hostels, mans the bookings online, and is very conscientious about the internet being up – especially since they use it, too!  Our room at the late night check-in hostel was small, but clean, and pleasant.  The room was very efficiently laid out, including the private bathroom!  Though the mosquitoes were abound, the room had a plug-in repellent.  It didn’t work well for me, as I’m absolutely mosquito bait!  The hot water for showers was VERY hot, and easy to use.  Room service was 24 hours, and quick to respond!  The little kitchen can produce a rather extensive menu of choices, but don’t expect gourmet.  It was perfect for us as we checked in at 10 pm, and were totally exhausted and hungry.  The pricing of the menu items was more than reasonable.

Amy's camera 263 Amy's camera 264 Amy's camera 265 Amy's camera 262

Amy's camera 267 Amy's camera 268 Amy's camera 261 

Well, I feel we’re leaving India on a good note, versus the missing welcome when we arrived.  Next time, we’ll need at least 2-3 months best to discover India #2 – southern parts are the mountainous northern parts. 

Thanks to Dipti for telling me to be patient and to allow Mumbai another chance to show itself, as well as the suggestions of what to do!  

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