Back to Cairo

And we have a disaster of an international proportion – Amy left her favorite blanket on the sleeping car train! 

  Luxor train station w Adam, Marowa Dinner on the train - taken by Amy Train ladder to upper bunk Our sleeping car #6

Instant devastation when she opened her backpack at 9 am, and couldn’t find “blankie,” remembering that she’d left it on the train on her bunk. 

It’s night time now and the silent crying is over.  It was like losing a very good friend, and with little hope of finding it again.  We’ve made several phone calls to the railway station, and they have denied finding anything other than passports and travel items from another train car.  We called at 9 am, at noon, at 3 pm, and we’ll give it one more try tomorrow morning. 

“I’ve had it all my life!” cried Amy, and that’s a long time – more than a decade. 

To top it all off, we’re back to the constant honking traffic jams, and I have a cold!  My nose makes me feel “high” – or what I think would be “high.” 

We head to Alexandria tomorrow – an all day jaunt.  It’s 2-1/2 hours by train one way.  More later – after my nose clears up.

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2 Responses to Back to Cairo

  1. Gilbert says:

    Did you know that that happened to Ali when she was maybe younger than Amy. She left it at a hotel. I don’t remember if she cried but I know that we desperately asked the hotel staff to search for it and was of no use. I think she replaced it with something similar.

    • Oh, how heartbreaking, Gilbert. Amy cried silently, but I could tell she was deeply overwrought with the loss. She was persistent in rechecking with the train station, but Egypt isn’t that organized. Eventually, Amy replaced it with a temporary fuzzy blanket from the Gahn train ride (we bought a pillow, blanket and eyeshade set to use and for souvenir).

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