1 Home, 2 Still Out – wandering around Istanbul!

Just got an email from Mark that he’s going to meet Chris this weekend!  It’s still a bit incomprehensible that Chris is finished with his round the world jaunt, and Amy and I have yet to reach Europe! 

All during Chris’ travels in Europe, we kept hearing about how cold it was, while we were enjoying the warmth from Australia, Sri Lanka, India and Egypt!  Now, we’ve hit our “winter” in Istanbul!  It’s about mid-40s to high 50s around here, and has been raining today to subtract from the temperature! 

BEFORE BEFORE  Alexandria (547) Alexandria (93)

We headed to the Grand Bazaar with intentions of buying some lined leather gloves.  Instead of dickering at the Grand Bazaar for colorful glass lamps, Turkish Evil Eye jewelry, silk and cashmere pashamina scarves, shell inlaid wooden boxes, Turkish Tea Sets, we purchased two very pragmatic wool coats!  We didn’t even bother to dicker as the prices were already good — discounted because the coats were last year’s styles!  Ha ha … style goes out the window when we’re COLD!

BEFORE  cairo to istanbul 046 cairo to istanbul 092 

AFTER  cairo to istanbul 237

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2 Responses to 1 Home, 2 Still Out – wandering around Istanbul!

  1. chris says:

    wow sounds like you guys are having a great time! lovin’ the coats btw

    • Jeannie Llewellyn says:

      Thanks, Crust. Man, can’t believe still that you’re already HOME! How’s home? California still running without us? Ha ha

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