Palm Sunday in Venice

Waking up to the peal of bells, breakfast with Palm Sunday mass on TV and in Italian, the capped with more peals of bells – seems they are going to ring all day. 

venice on palm sunday 006 venice on palm sunday 008 venice on palm sunday 003venice on palm sunday 002

It’s ANOTHER gorgeous day in Venice, and we’re going to wander around and Get LOST, as one website suggested in 5 Free Things to Do In Venice.

Topped by 10 Free Things to Do In Venice! 

Our hostel is now filled with mostly Chinese travelers, and our room has the only Americans.  Last week the hostel was filled with girls only, and all from the States except for two from Edinbrugh, Scotland!   We had several girls from “Noo Yawk” Boston, Austin, and Arkansas!  And we were the only ones from the West Coast.  Oddly enough, while in Istanbul, we met SOooooo many people from California.  Guess the demographics goes in waves…?

Dinner on the Rialto with Christina, Jeannie, Nicole, Amy, Karen and Amy (Scotland!)

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