Went to the Ghetto on Palm Sunday

The Ghetto of Venice is where the Jews were conscripted to live from 1400’s onward.  I’m having Amy look up the reason for this need to have a certain area for Jews in Venice, but I heard about this from someone at the hostel while reading their Venice travel book.  So, today being Palm Sunday, the Ghetto was rather quiet, which made it pleasant to wander about. 

The Ghetto area of Venice - a signKosher RestaurantVenice Friday onward 194Venice Friday onward 200Venice Friday onward 207Venice Friday onward 208Venice Friday onward 212Venice Friday onward 195Venice Friday onward 213Venice Friday onward 214Venice Friday onward 216Holocaust Memorial in plazaVenice Friday onward 219Venice Friday onward 162Museo Ebraico Bridge by San Marcuola Ferry StopVenice Friday onward 224Venice Friday onward 164Venice Friday onward 165Venice Friday onward 167Venice Friday onward 168Venice Friday onward 170Venice Friday onward 171Venice Friday onward 178Venice Friday onward 183

We took lunch at a pizza-trattoria, restaurant.  It turned out to be a significantly less expensive than where we’ve eaten elsewhere.  That was mentioned in the book, too, that things cost less in the Ghetto.  It’s TRUE! 

In the Ghetto, at the plaza of Museo Ebraico and Sinogoghe, there were people visiting some shops specifically for the Jewish religion, as well as the requisite glass and souvenir shops, a tour guide leading some other visitors around the area… With the warm sun shining onto the plaza, people talking, sitting and standing in the open area, window boxes yellow with flowers, lime green leaves from freshly budding trees, folks looking at kosher shops or viewing a Holocaust dedication plaque, and the quiet chatter – it was idyllic. 

Venice Friday onward 166

We took the water bus to Piazza San Marcos for an afternoon respite, and listened to a violinist, accordian player, and pianist playing a variety of tunes from mostly popular music (Time to Say Good-bye made famous by Sarah Brighton and Andre Bochelli, Clint Eastwood’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme), sitting in a sea of chairs and little café tables in front of the group.  We asked for a menu in the hopes of getting afternoon tea and coffee and sharing a dessert.  The menu was astounding.  Please see pictures below of a sample Plaza Café menu.

Champagne!Caffe for EU8.40 ($13)OUCH!Yikes!  Even Coca Cola, Sprite is out of range!

We then wandered to the other part of the plaza and photographed the exterior of Basilica San Marcos.  We had desserts, hot chocolate and coffee (Americano) at an American Snack Bar that had no seats and so we had to eat and drink standing up!  Still, it was QUITE a bit less than the plaza’s cafes – by half! 

Venice Friday onward 345Venice Friday onward 346Coca Cola poster above Entrance

Amy shopped for Carnival masks, t-shirts that said, “I “Heart” Venice,” “I “Heart” Italy,” “I “Heart” NYC (crossed out and “Italy” written in),” and one that I liked that had Italian logos for famous sites in an iPhone format.  They ranged from 5EU, 10EU with embroidered t-shirts for 20EU.  The masks ranged from 10EU for half masks to 20-45EU for full masks, and 85+EU for fully feathered masks.  Overall, I think those masks are just plain scary.

Venice Friday onward 466venice 014

Hours later, we headed back to the hostel.  We’re pros now on the use of the water buses!  Venice Friday onward 533

60 minute pass for one direction: 6.50 EU

12-hour pass: 16 EU

24-hour pass: 18 EU

36-hour pass: 23 EU

Once the passes are activated, the clock starts ticking!

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One Response to Went to the Ghetto on Palm Sunday

  1. jeannie says:

    OK, so, visiting the Jewish section of town on Palm Sunday was unplanned except that it was our day off… and I do find it a bit ironic. For an unplan, it worked out well, as it wasn’t crowded as Basilica San Marcos SOOOOooooo was! Lots of olive branch toting folks, too, everywhere in Venice! Guess they went to mass.

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