Cooking Turka with Eveline and Feyzi!

What fun we had while chopping, roasting, peeling, stirring, frying, mashing, and boiling!

It was the first time in months that Amy and I got to meet so many people from America.  And several were from California.  I guess Turkey is a popular place?

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3 Responses to Cooking Turka with Eveline and Feyzi!

  1. Oh, this was a couple of weeks ago – NOT to confuse those of you following this blog!

  2. Eric Yung says:

    Hi Jeannie,

    How’s your trip going? I’m back to SF about 3 weeks now , let me know when are coming back.

    • Eric! How good to hear from you! How´s the present? I had JUST mentioned it yesterday – hee hee – and think it´ll be a hit! How are you doing? How was Turkey? Hope it warmed up a bit after we left! Seemed Amy and I brought in the cold and rain. I emailed you, did you get my email a couple of weeks ago?

      Well, only 3.5 more weeks before we re-enter life as we knew it before, though it´ll be different now! I´ll give you a call when we´ve gotten our luggage – ha ha!


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