Round the USA this time.  Guess the travel bug still is in me!

Sitting at F28 waiting for my 10 pm flight to Elmira, NY.  Why Elmira, and where the heck is it?  Four words – Corning Museum of Glass.  We landed in a rainstorm, pouring outside, but 70 F, so it’s slightly more humid than in the Bay Area.  It’s dark, as it’s 9 pm.

Snatches of many cellphone conversations – “I don’t know why it’s delayed.”  Three girls in shorts and blouses, and a young man run past dragging their roll-ons at such a pace that the wheels make a “whirrrrr” sound.  Laughter, overhead boarding announcements, gate agent yelling to be heard, paging late passengers, telling them “this is the final boarding call,” and the gate is about to close for an “on time takeoff!”  “We’re going to take off in four minutes, and we’re not waiting.”

Last night, Amy and I were frantically packing, moving the excess luggage and personal goods into the van late into the night.  At midnight, she finally took a shower and dropped into bed, r&b jazz music from the radio to “soothe” her to sleep (her words).  I drop off at 2 am after an attempt at last minute booking for my flight from BUF > LGA for Friday.  After all an hour on hold, I hang up and go to sleep.

The elephant upstairs begins walking around his or her room at 6:05 am.  At 7:15 am the alarm seriously rings on my iPhone and I wake Amy up as we have to load up the rest of our packing into the van and have breakfast.  It’ll be Amy’s and my first time at Steve & Kate Camp.  We make it to there by 8:15 am – right on time.  A tour, and after explanations of what fun things Amy can do, she dismisses me as she wants to start right away!  I meet up with Chris, my driver this morning, at PALY. 

We make it to SFO, and I check in only to reach the gate, and hear, “The flight to Philadelphia has been delayed for 30 minutes.”  Then it’s delayed for one hour.  Turns out that the plane coming from Phoenix ran into a dust storm and couldn’t see enough to take off.  Oddly enough, almost ALL planes out of SFO are delayed for some reason or other.  Dust Storm Takes Over the World!

On the flight to Philly from SFO, I sit next to some delightful people from Philly – visiting their son who lives in San Francisco and does something techie (oooh, what a surprise!).  They tell me that there are two main topics in Philly – really!  1) The weather, and 2) the Philadelphia Fillies (baseball for those NOT in the know).  They are high school teachers for over 20 years.  They tell me that their private school system, the real estate side of the system makes money, while their side, the teaching side doesn’t.  So, I’m wondering what that means …

I peruse today’s USA Today and San Jose Mercury News.  There is a short article about passengers in flights being uncontrollable and ruder than flight attendants and pilots remember from before.  Wonder if the “new” luggage charges have anything to do with this tension?  I had to pay an additional $25 for my roll-on bag that I probably could have carried on board.  Strains of our times with traveling on Ryan Air, JetStar, Veuling, and discount airlines!

I end up trying to read the inflight mag, but fall asleep for at least two hours.  I’m really hungry now, and my Max’s giant sandwich’s pickle has leaked and weakened the bag, and everything falls out.  Well, at least the corned beef and pastrami sandwich is well wrapped.  I chose that combo in honor of going to NYC.

Back in Philly airport – what a surprise.  The flight is delayed.  Well, it’s a pretty sedate crowd, but then it’s Tuesday night, 9:48 pm.  It’s a more relaxed atmosphere, and I’m now sitting at Gate F31 – surprise!  We ought to be boarding soon.

Now in Painted Post’s dubiously named America’s Best Value Hotel.  Room 71, first floor, the only room available at 1 am check-in, smells mildew-y.  Not a good start or end to a day.  Well, maybe another hotel will be better tomorrow if the next room isn’t an improvement.  No matter, it’s Corning Museum of Glass tomorrow! 

The shuttle from Elmira Airport to the 13 mile away hotel cost me $33! 

My rolling suitcase DOES look like it’s on it’s last wheels … a truly travel-worn piece that’s had as many adventures as I!  Need new packing tape layer.

Blogging in the bushes at Philly airport Gate F28 Gate F28 has very limited seating Jeannie's roll-on luggage - nothing that a little packing tape can't fix!Jeannie's RTW roll-on luggage - AFTER

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4 Responses to RTUSA

  1. Jessica says:

    Regarding the Philadelphia Airport…AVOID AT ALL COST!! Flights are never on time and flying through that airport is a major pain!

  2. Ooops! Too late. It was a mess, but then my flight was already messed up with the dust storm thanks to AZ

  3. DORA says:

    Are you in the BAY AREA? I want to come visit you. Dora

    • Absolutely! Let me know when as I may be gone to pickup our puppy in Sri Lanka soon. Am in Atlanta right now visiting my mom, and am halfway on my USA trip. Back to CA Aug 4th

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