Hodi update

“Beep, beep bahdah beep!”

Dr. T, Hodi and Amy, Feb 2010

Amy and Hodi the day we found her in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Okay, I’ve been getting several inquiries about the disposition of Hodi, our adopted Sri Lankan puppy, who is now just over six-months-old! She is now old enough to be transported as air freight. It’s been a long process, and now we’re really REALLY wondering if she’s coming or not!

Our first attempt to ship her through World Relocation Services, based in Sri Lanka, and referred to us by another pet shipping agency in the States, worked with us until they stopped responding to our emails when they learned the puppy was less than six-months-old. We still haven’t heard back from them. It was a bit squirrel-y working with them as English is not their original language. The vet, Dr. E.K. Thilanakarathna also was not responding to them, which was a concern. Of course, they were contacting him via email, where we have noticed that he does not respond. A phone call did wonders, and the service was able to get a response.

We found another pet relocation agency, Happy Tails Travels, based out of Tucson, AZ, a bit closer to home to work with, and they have been amazingly easy to communicate with. Bridgett Mondane, a former RN, and a major pet lover apparently, began her business with her love of her pets in mind. She also caters to military relocations, and we get a military discount ($100 off!) for their services. Her website is: http://www.happytailstravels.com

BUT, before we got too ahead of ourselves, I thought it prudent to at least CALL and talk with Dr. “T” personally to confirm that Hodi is in fact STILL WITH HIM! So, with the graces of Nayana Jayasekera, an ol’ buddy of mine who worked with me in my Dream Dinners store in Los Gatos, she will help us call the good veterinarian, Dr. T! If Hodi IS still with him, and he hasn’t given her away or sold her, then Hodi and we will be REUNITED in as little as three weeks!

Wonder how BIG she is now – Amy’s bigger, too!

YIKES! That means I really HAVE to get things unpacked the rest of the way and organized! Luckily, our apartment complex allows pets, and is kid friendly, too. The 2-bedroom apartment is like living in some of the places we visited around the world – small, cramped and filled with stuff! That’s going to change, and soon…

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One Response to Hodi update

  1. Connie Turner says:

    Oh Jeannie, I pray he still has Hodi!!! I can’t wait till she is safe and sound with you and Amy. Keep us posted!! Connie

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