The further adventures of Hodi!

The Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner - specially made for homes with animals

Well, in preparation for Hodi’s coming, I shopped around and found a pet-appropriate vaccum cleaner, in anticipation of allergies (yes, I’m allergic to dogs, but MUCH more to cats – off the charts!).  WOW!  Those vacuum cleaners cost a  heap!  The cost competes with a mortgage payment – well, close enough… We had heard back from the Sri Lankan pet relocation agency, that the doctor had called to let them know Hodi is now 6-months-old (well, I think she’s really 7-months-old now, but, hey, whatever).  That call to World Relocation Services Agency (WRSA) started a pebble falling …

So, I got an email from WRSA, and they asked for the SAME documents I’d already sent them (copy of my US passport, Sri Lankan visa page, letter authorizing Hodi be shipped, addresses, phone #s, points of contact, etc.)!  Feeling a bit discouraged by the lack of continuity from the three month of non-communication, and then receiving a redundant request, I began to wonder if I ought to go through Happy Tails Travels!  At least from them I KNOW the price of their services, whereas the WRSA STILL doesn’t have a clue how much it will cost on their end, pre-flight costs.  Happy Tails quoted us $795 (military discount of $100), not including air fare.

So, the past week and a half, I’ve been receiving emails from the vet (cost of caring for Hodi for the two extra months – Rp48,000 – about $436 (a bit pricey, but it’s really for May to now, which is really more than two months); WRSA asking again for the puppy’s height, weight, measurements to verify what size crate to use; emails from my friend Nayana who is helping me with her Sri Lankan family connections to talk with the vet and help translate when I Skype the doctor!  It’s been amazing how many people have been involved in getting Hodi over to us here.  And I keep wondering how long it’s going to take …

She was expected on May 10th, when she turned three-months-old, then August 10th when she turned 6-months-old, and lastly, Sept 10th, when the doctor said she was ready to go!  So, maybe Hodi will be here October 10th?  In time for Halloween!

We’re SOOOoooo curious what she looks like now, and how big she’s gotten!  We’ve asked several times for a photo of her – especially to verify that it IS her!

Amy wonders if Hodi will be my birthday present – next week…  ha ha.  I’m thankful that the cake below is NOT for me!

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3 Responses to The further adventures of Hodi!

  1. Jessica says:

    Hodi is one lucky pup!

  2. Connie Turner says:

    I am so happy you have not given up on preparing a home for Hodi! I can hardly wait to see the Homecoming pictures! I too have always had pet allergies but have found the more I have the better the allergies have gotten. Cats were the worst! I have two. I have also found that using the ferminator brush has really helped for pets that shed. Check it out online. Of course bathing often is essential.Yes, I bathe my cats too. Can’t wait for the next post!

  3. Jessica – yep, this Hodi – whenEVER she gets here – IS one lucky puppy – in fact, Amy was going to name her, “Lucky” then changed it to “Clover” as in the 4-leaf variety.

    Connie – thanks for the tips! I didn’t know you’re allergic to cats, too! We tried the vacuum cleaner and it’s already amazing!

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