Come Visit!

We’ve “opened” our new online store!

Red Italianate Classic Vase

Vitreous City Glass Works … is officially open for business!  Check out what we have in stock. 
Items are “Live” and for sale! 

Be one of the FIRST 10 to purchase from our site, and receive a *** FREE  *** gift of a Venetian glass flower (a $25 value) !

Click here:                                                                   

We think it’s a marvelous place to start, don’t you? 

All of our glassware is handmade of hot glass methods – either sweating it out at the 1600-2100 F furnaces, or ladle casting the molten stuff!  The furnace-worked molten glass items are treated in precise and faster ways than other types of glassworks.  Each piece can take anywhere from ten minutes for simple ones, to hours for larger, complex structures. 

A few items might be fused in a kiln that reaches 1400-1600 F, but they start out cold.  This process takes longer than hot worked items because the setup at the beginning is more involved with molds sometimes, hours to ramp UP the heat, hand-honed glass shapes, several heats to fuse all layers, hours of ramp DOWN of the heat to anneal, or hours of cold work afterwards.  For example, a fused plate of three layers may take five to six hours to reach the temperature to fully fuse the layers, hold at the top temperature for ten minutes, and then take another five to six hours to ramp down, and anneal the plate to strengthen it as it cools. 

Fused, or cast artwork has a different feel than work produced from the furnace, but the clarity of the glass is always the goal.  Glass’ transparency is its main appeal – the ability to see through a solid!

Since this is our first online sales site (the last one was an experiment and is currently under remodeling), we would love to get some feedback on its appearance, user friendliness, products, prices, whatever you have to send us that’s constructive and helpful for improving our site!

Take a “walk” through our shop, and enjoy!

Jeannie and Chris
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