It’s too quiet! What I’ve been up to lately …

OK, so I’ve been a bit mute on the world front – BUT busy!  Here are some of the “projects,” though I’m skipping the boring stuff – like paperwork, phone calls, meetings, long distance driving …  Hover over the picture for the captions. 

Enjoy this little diversion from your own busy day!

Trying on the Angry Bird blanket for sizeJamil - one of our couchsurfers - making dinnerJuly 4th - Watching fireworks from the RWC harbor in the dragon boat!Moffett Field's blimp hangar being disassembled for hazard cleaningCamping at San Luis ReservoirBuying our house in Palo AltoFremont Dragon Boat Race 2012 - the line up in an early morning raceGlass Pumpkin making at PALY for the Fall saleDuck Tape project - flip flop repair after Pepper's Chewing ProjectAmy's stash of Duck TapeGlass pour of a cog - prototype for Eric JacobsonReunion with Ying Chen, Jialiang (John)!!!  12 years since we last saw each other!Reunion with Ying Chen & John - Amy and Angelina with Ying Chen's & John's grandkidsMy kids in the back of Yaris - That's what they look like when all squished into the back!LightWave Karaoke NightPainting by Amy and Jeannie at Greg'sCamping at Los Oso by Santa Barbara - enroute to our campsite ... we had to cross this.  We let the bicyclist go firstRoasting dinner over the campfire - what a life!Pepper taking a peep.  She took to camping instantly.Horseback riding on the trails in the hills of Santa Barbara - what views!  What dust!  What expense!The bandit we met along the wayLast campfire dinner before Gymnastics camp at Woodward!  Dessert of Blueberry Muffin in OrangesPepper AFTER a swim in the shallow muddy river - she went in unprompted all by herself.  Swims like an otter!The cabin-mates at Woodward!View of Boron - where the temperature hit 107F as I went through, NOT stopping, even for Pepper to pee!The temp at Boron while passing through at 5:45 pmSD Gaslamp Hostel - my private room.  Bunk by Ikea.  Really friendly staff, and musically talented, too!SD Gaslamp Hostel back patioGaslamp Museum park - Pepper posing by a bronze statue of Bum, the SD adopted dog in the 1800s.  Pepper thought it was real, and barked at it before settling down.Chocolat restaurant in Hillcrest - some Moo tables as their mascot is a Hereford cow!Sleeping Angry Bird Geoff! (with green hair)My wood project - ready for oiling - shelf for hand blown glasses!Sand Cast Hot Glass - "Undersea flotsam"Sand Cast Hot Glass - "Algae flower"Sand Cast Hot Glass - "Fossilized DNA"

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