Business opportunities and ideas from abroad

One of the reasons behind my global galavanting was to see what business opportunities were possible to identify, transport or modify and introduce to the US market, to improve the quality of life of a large area, or be fun to do.  Here are some ideas that came up – and are not filtered or ranked whatsoever.  This list will be modified as needed.


Land Banking – it’s not a new idea.  In fact, Bob Hope, Donald Trump, and several other celebrities have owned projects through Land Banking.  Wikipedia’s definition is pretty concise:  ”

Land banking is the practice of purchasing raw land with the intent to hold on to it until such a time as it is profitable to sell it on to others for more than was initially paid. Land is popular as an investment as it is a tangible asset as opposed to shares or bonds.

The intended increase in value may come from inflation, conversion for use as housing, or potential for extraction of raw materials.

Typically parcels of land desirable for land banking are those that lie directly in the growth path of rapidly developing cities. The initial goal is to buy undeveloped land that will increase in value because it lies in the path of urban growth. The investment objective is to identify these parcels well in advance of the developers and wait for the value to be realised.”

From my personal experience, my father did the same, and with a purchase of about an acre of land in Belmont for a dozen thousand dollars, he received cashflow from the billboard planted on the property, and when the property sold, it went for over a million dollars at a time when houses cost $275,000 on average.  The developer who purchased the property then built 8 houses and sold them all within a year after developing.

I am in two projects by a well-run Land Banking group called Avex.  Out of the more than 30 projects they’ve run, only one had a negative result within the first few projects.  It’s a good model.

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Hostel in Bay Area, 3rd world countries

Sidewalk construction for 3rd world countries

Screen-making for 3rd world countries

Fabric-printing / designing from RTW florals and patterns

English school abroad for professionals, with pro bono classes for unskilled wanting to improve

Water purification system for emerging and 3rd world countries

Eco-friendly Recycle-able products from 3rd world countries – eg. ala elephant dung paper from Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage


1 Response to Business opportunities and ideas from abroad

  1. Jeannie says:

    Cracker shop – hand made, with accompaniments, sauces, spreads, meats
    Party platters, gifts, baskets
    Idea from Milan at Mauri and Erin’s apt, making crackers at intermission watching Fantastic Mr Fox

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