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Stuff before we take off on the RTW!

The Apple iPhone myth & Japan Tech

OK, so I “unlocked” my iPhone in the States just so I could insert a local foreign SIM and have it running the local calls for me, and without the roaming charges if I kept my AT&T data account.  Well, … Continue reading

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Ha ha ha …! Visa surfing!

While surfing online, I found some pretty funny info, though most of it is basic – passport has at least one year left, (2) 2″x2″ photos, last three pages of passport available for stamping … OK, you “hippy” types! Beware! … Continue reading

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Arghhhhhh, Amy and I need a place to sleep Saturday onward!

OK, it’s been wonderful staying at Alison’s house in PA, but they all return Saturday, and we’ll be frantically cleaning to leave the place a better place than when they left! In the meantime, we are putting it out that … Continue reading

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RTW flights & phone calls – trials and errors

OK, so I got this Jeroen name from Andy of the, a guy who’s been traveling for over 10 years, and is JUST starting to consider slowing down a bit, and staying a wee bit longer at each place! … Continue reading

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Last time we blow at PG (Public Glass, that is)

These are pix from when Chris, Amy and I blew at PG – for the last time this year (other than cup making on Friday evenings, which we will still do)! Chris says that Amy is a good blowing assistant … Continue reading

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Tips for Packing for Moving into Long Term Storage

Home Depot has the least expensive boxes! Small book boxes are $.67 each, Medium dishes / linens boxes are $.97 each, and the Mini-wardrobe boxes are $9.95 each! Bubble wrap is ~$15 for 100′ x 12″ – large or small … Continue reading

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Answers to some questions

I’ve received questions about the impending travel (vs. trip) that I think will help color in some more of the picture of our World Map! LODGING:  Where will we stay?  Have we made reservations yet?  How can we afford the … Continue reading

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