Round-the-World Checklist – May 2011 updated



(Updated May 2011 after 9 months of travel under our belts)

Passports – check


Our passport photos – regulation unsmiling
Amy Hamster
(though Amy snuck in a good smile!)

Scheduled movers pack-out date – check
Confirm Airbrokers, Jeff re: itinerary – check
Add Manigeh’s ticket to RTW trip – check
Pay Airbrokers – check
Order glasses (replace ones lost while camping) – Zenni Optical online
Check couchsurfing for China in mid-August 2010 – nada, mostly Australia, Europe
Visas for various countries inquire – China, Indonesia, Australia, India – check
Home schooling info – books, supplies, online, etc. – check
Sell as much as possible! – check
Craigslist – bunk bed, large furniture, heavy stuff – check
Piano to Lynn’s – check
Arrange for storage – long term – get estimates  – date for pickup – check
Pack house – check
Transfer items to other locations – Jimmy’s, Mark’s, Lynn’s, etc. – check
Donation receipts – Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul’s, other – check
Donate professional clothes to Career Closet in SJC  – check
Clean house for final inspection – check

Housing for last week before departure – Alison’s parents for two weeks, house-sit – check

Good-bye party – Piers Park BBQ or potluck  – check


Ride to airport – check

Tickets, passports in hand – check


G’bye San Francisco!  
See you next year!



I highly recommend the rolling luggage, a hard or semi-hard. but make sure it has a handle on the SIDE, too, and the top. A small one, and a backpack is all you´d need to go around the world!

Wear layers instead of a large coat. There are thermal shirts that are microfiber- light, warm and dry quickly.

2 of everything is what we started with in packing, and increased only the underwear since they´re so light and small anyway. If you´re staying less than 4 nights in one place, definitely go lighter than ¨being prepared.¨

Extra SD cards for the digi camera´s a better idea than backing up on the netbook or XHD, as they´re MUCH lighter, but quite ¨lose-able.¨

IF you go the large backpack only route, don´t carry anything else! You´ll look like you´re carrying a log on your back, but we´ve seen plenty of people doing that. It´s best if the backpack also has separate compartments, otherwise, you´ll have to unpack it all to get at the proverbial must have item at the bottom, the thing(s)you didn´t think you´d ever need… in the middle of the night in a dark hostel dormitory! 

Europe is QUITE different from travel elsewhere! It´s VERY EXPENSIVE right now – and there was slight relief post-bin Ladin´s death. But overall, the UK Pound > EURO > US$ (eg. 10 UK Pound = US$16.50 – or US$17.00 when you factor in the commissions, conversions fees, bank fees, etc. – most Americans here just double the Pound Sterling price to get the US$ amount; for the Euro, we used 10EURO = US$15.00).

Check your bank for the alliances in each country so that you don´t get hit with an additional fee (BOA´s was $5/ transaction from a non-affiliate!), and skip those ATMs that limit you to EU200 or so.

Oh, in Italy, they charge for the basket of bread they innocuously leave on the table. Some charge, some don´t, however… added chllenge. Most times they have a ¨Copperto¨charge, that´s for the place setting, around EU2-3 / person or setting.

We´re in UK now, they ONLY USE British Sterling Pound, no EUROs. Odd as I thought they´d changed over to EUs.

Comfy walking shoes – gym shoes, running shoes aren´t the same.  Spend extra money and get good walking shoes.

Travel during the summer or warm days of spring or fall.  Lightens the load to pack and carry.  If not possible, take what´s irreplaceable or hard to get.  Buy the less expensive items at the place or as needed. 

There is a handy book that only has drawings or pictures, categorized into topics ( is one of them) – bring one if you can.  They range in size, number of pictures and topics.

Screwdriver (flat head and Phillips, small size and regular), jack knife NOT to be carried in hand luggage(!), LED flashlight, nail file, book light, clothes pins and / or a small drying rack (mine was only 6¨x6¨x.75¨and was used often! 

Neck purse to carry only money, passport, IDs, credit cards.  Slim, worn under shirt, have the flaps facing your body not outward.  Use a coin holder, pocket or purse for the loose change. 

As for communication electronics, we went for one week without anything – no netbook, laptop, iPad, cellphone (which we brought but didn´t use except for one week in Australia).  Of course, having internet is really very convenient, but not life threatening without it.  GPS would have been helpful in some travels, but not entirely needed.  Google Maps did the trick MOST of the time.  Only once did it fail us and got us lost for hours.

More updates as they occur, I´m sure!


One Response to Round-the-World Checklist – May 2011 updated

  1. KB says:


    Long time no see blog!

    Wondering how you guys are doing and where are you now?


    Auntie Kathy

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